4 Environmentally Friendly Businesses You Could Start Tomorrow

4 Environmentally Friendly Businesses You Could Start Tomorrow

Starting up a business involves a lot of brainstorming, researching, coming up with a great business name, what you want to sell and how big you want to go and the most important part – capital. Most businesses today are more focused on gaining income and becoming trendy, but aren’t so much concerned about the environment. A great number of businesses, whether big or small, emits greenhouse gases from air-conditioning systems, consumes too much electricity, gas, paper and best of all, throws a lot of industrial waste. If you have the mind of an entrepreneur and want to start up your business but would like to be a friend to Mother Nature, then here are some Eco-friendly businesses that you can start asap.

1. Buy and Sell business – This is a particularly helpful business not just for you but for you future buyers too. It’s a form of recycling, only with anything you have available at home. You can start by checking what you have inside the house, and if there’s a certain appliance that you want to replace with a new one say your old blender or old tv, check the specs if it’s still working and if it is, post it online and wait for a potential buyer. This way, you not only help them get something for a lower cost, you also get to use the money you earned from the selling to buying an upgraded version.

2. Garage Sale – If you are decluttering and are ready to let go of too much things inside the house that you barely even use, and you have a small space to display them all, start a Garage Sale. Having too many possession can cause stress because the more things you have at home, the more things you need to tidy up eventually. Garage sale does not require a big capital. It’s basically your junk that other people can still find useful at a low price, you can also use eBay or Craig’s List to sell stuff.

3. Ebooks – It is best and handier nowadays to invest in eBooks because hard copy books are responsible for the failing of several trees and we need trees in our environment to balance our ecosystem. This type of business requires low start – up capital and of course it is highly profitable, so if you are a book lover, this business is a best fit for you.

4. Solar Power Bank retail – Aside from the fact that it cost nothing to re-charge solar power banks, solar power banks are very effective and can be used in any part of the world even in places where one can hardly access an electrical outlets for plugging their chargers in.

If you think about it, there’s so many ways to save the environment, including eco-friendly businesses. Start up your own now and spread awareness. Who knows, in 20-40 years involving the safety of the environment can be a top priority in all households and businesses, just because you made such a huge impact.