Even Small Businesses Need to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Even Small Businesses Need to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Monitoring carbon footprint is vital to our planet, especially if you own business. It is crucial to minimize gas emissions in greenhouses wherever possible. If small business measures their emissions, they can know how to control them effectively. By so doing, it will have a great impact on helping to tackle the problem related to climate change. There is even an opportunity to reduce expenses of your business’ in the process. If you own or manage a small business and you want to reduce that business’s carbon footprints, the following illustrates some procedures that can help you start in the proper direction.

Shutdown or turn off all appliances overnight

Something as easy as switching off all lights overnight reduces carbon footprints. This goes for shutting down all appliances that may otherwise go unnoticed, such as computer monitors. It has been shown that leaving the lights on overnight in the typical office will waste enough energy to have heated one thousand cups of coffee. You can introduce such things as occupancy sensors, which only turn on lights when there are people in the room. You can also change your energy provider to a green energy supplier.

Have a thermostat controlled system installed

Heating is another way that businesses lose a lot of their energy. If you reduce your need, you reduce your carbon footprint. One way to do this is to have a thermostat controlled system installed that keeps the building the same temperature all the time, which can be set for different temperatures overnight. The heat should not come on at all if the building is empty. Also, make sure that there are no radiators or vents that are blocked, as this can cause a system to work harder than it has to. Maintaining the proper insulation is also important.

Regularly maintenance of the equipment

Be sure to stay on top of where your equipment is placed, as well, such as you do not want to put a piece of equipment that heats up near a cooling vent. Also, not regularly maintaining your equipment can add as much as ten percent to your bills without you even realizing it.  Here are some of the reasons you need regular maintenance.

Establish the programs or strategies that can to reduce your carbon footprint

It is also important to get your employees involved right away when you decide to implement a program to reduce your carbon footprint. You are demonstrating leadership when you show how each employee can implement the new strategy within his or her workday. One way to do this is to encourage a flexi-time schedule, where if a person is to work an 8 hour day if he or she shows up at 9:15, he or she simply stays till 5:15. This way there is no rush to get to work, thereby cutting down on the carbon footprint of the vehicles these people drive to your place of business. You can also encourage those employees that can to work from home. This eliminates any driving for your company at all. This is a wonderful way to cut down on your business’s carbon footprints.

One thing that is often overlooked and not pushed as much as in the late nineties is the fact that it is still acceptable to reuse and recycle. You can go to the extent of allowing the use of recycled papers in your office, as well as vegetable-based inks for all your printing requirements. All of the suggestions will help reduce and someday eliminate your carbon footprint.